Less clutter, more plants, and more New Yorker real estate resolutions for 2018

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By Mimi OConnor  |
January 2, 2018 - 1:00PM

Baby steps. 

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Happy 2018! The new year always brings talk of resolutions related to personal well-being, and while we support such pursuits, we're all about real estate here. Which is why we polled New Yorkers from around the city to find out their real estate goals for 2018. From de-cluttering and upgrading to getting the hell out of Dodge, here are some of the plans they shared 

“Upgrade our apartment decor from dorm-style to functional chic. I am in my mid-40s!”—Osa, Upper West Side

“Figure out what to do re: the f---ing new tax bill. Other than that: paint a golden stripe on the living room ceiling (for decoration) and paint the bathroom. Hopefully get a new bathroom light fixture and vanity (or paint the old one). Maybe get a new refrigerator and stove—they're both dying.”—Gretchen, Park Slope

“I would like to grow more houseplants, finally buy better dining room chairs, fix the gross sewer issue in my basement, fix the rotting wall in the boy’s room—but I haven’t thought about what I can actually manage yet. I have to earn money first.”—Rachel, Middle Village

“Make my house in the Hamptons rentable.”—Anne, Upper West Side

“Always be de-cluttering - ABD.”—Felicia, Kensington

“Try to find a bigger place for not too much money down.”—Abbey, Windsor Terrace

“Grout the tub and around the kitchen sink. Shampoo the living room rug—so gross, but probably never going to happen. Buy fresh throw pillows for couch and bed. And purge. Always purge.”—Lisa, Park Slope

“Attempt to convert my hoarder's wet dream of a Brooklyn apartment back into a modest space where I can host small gatherings, once again.”—Dean, Carroll Gardens

“Throw out the chairs I’ve been meaning to.” —Eileen, Upper West Side

“Paint, de-clutter, replace the couch. I'm tackling smaller projects I have control over because I’m bitter as hell regarding New York housing prices. If I can’t replace the sh---y, broken cabinets in the kitchen or the ugly, '80s tile in the bathroom, replacing the couch might be the only resolution route of 2018.”—Sarah, Carroll Gardens

“I have a few loose ends such as 'Repaint the living room window frames and sills,' and 'Touch up the cracks in the plaster ceiling.' I also have been wanting paint an accent wall somewhere in my apartment—Oh, and yes, I have to get rid of things. De-clutter for sure!”— Liz, Windsor Terrace

“Sell and leave NYC!”—Renee, Cobble Hill


Mimi headsht

Mimi OConnor

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