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5 on-call tech support services that will come to your NYC apartment

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By Mimi OConnor  |
October 20, 2017 - 2:00PM

The Brooklyn Tech Guy travels around the city by bicycle fixing people's tech problems, and documents his journeys on an Instagram account.

Brooklyn Tech Guy

New Yorkers are known for their hustle, and these days, between full-timers toiling on a side project, industrious freelancers, and entrepreneurs, it seems that more and more people are working at home. Which means that more and more people are having computer problems at home that they need fixed right now.

Don't have your own personal tech department? Don't worry. There are businesses out there that will come to your place and make things right, or up your tech capacity with wifi installation, storage solutions, email management, maintenance, and other services. 

In general, expect same- or next-day service, with the occasional wait of a few days depending on scheduling. If you're hoping to save a little cash, many businesses can diagnose and even fix issues remotely, which typically costs less than a house call.

Brooklyn Tech Guy

Run by Park Slope resident Peter Lopez, Brooklyn Tech Guy specializes in Mac support and services Brooklyn and Manhattan. Common services include help with email, computer speed, networking, backup, file management, and security, which among other things encompasses restricting kids' use on devices like iPads and phones, for the parent set. Lopez navigates the city by bike, often stopping to document his travel via the Brooklyn Tech Guy Instagram account. His rate is $200 an hour. 

(718) 290-3097

Mike's Tech Shop

This Chelsea business describes itself as "Your Little Neighborhood Mac Shop," but it will come to your tech rescue at home in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Jobs they do include setup, wiring, storage upgrades, networking and data recovery. Their rate is $175 an hour with a two-hour minimum. 

(212) 924-6453


New York Geek Girls

New York Geek Girls

Started by Roberta Piket in 2005, New York Geek Girls services Macs and PCs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, northern New Jersey and lower Westchester and Rockland counties. A trained jazz pianist (holy left-brain/right-brain!), Piket, with her team of techs, handles jobs such as troubleshooting, printer setup, networking, A/V, and backup. New York Geek Girls also offers a residential maintenance subscription plan starting at $25 per computer. Their rate is $150 an hour with a one-hour minimum.  Remote help is offered in 10-minute increments at a rate of $25. 

(347) 351-3031

New York Computer Help

Another operation with a brick-and-mortar storefront (this one on 34th Street between Park and Madison avenues), New York Computer Help is like a local, home grown Geek Squad. Servicing Macs and PCs, the team of 20 seasoned techs travels to all the boroughs and New Jersey to help with issues including hardware failure, setup, wifi, data recovery, backup, and email. 

(212) 599-0339


A former Apple engineer who worked at the Cupertino mothership in the '90s, Ivan Drucker has been helping New Yorkers with their Macs for 15 years. Primarily serving Manhattan, IvanExpert provides support including setup, backup, email and file management, networking, and more. His rate is $270 an hour. 

(212) 353-3310



Mimi headsht

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