After living in her Upper West Side co-op for fifteen years, Margaret, a tech executive who is often on the go, realized it was time for an upgrade. Understanding that she envisioned herself in her beloved home for many years to come, Margaret knew that, despite the space seeming "okay" from afar, her apartment needed a facelift. Margaret opted for an entire gut renovation and treated herself to modern, high-end finishes like custom cabinetry.

She contacted Bolster, a New York City company that empowers homeowners to control their major renovation by delivering industry-leading expertise and a radically transparent online platform, to create a new vision for her space. While Bolster gut renovated the entire co-op, today’s focus is on the living area, which is 400 square feet in total. Below are the detailed costs of what it took to re-imagine Margaret’s brand-new space, which is now perfectly architected for entertaining, lounging, tea-sipping, and everything in between. Note that General Conditions Costs include management, labor, profit, overhead, workers comp, and general liability.

  1. Custom Cabinetry and Millwork
    Cabinets and shelves galore! The new millwork provided much-needed storage space while elevating the design of the living area for a more sophisticated and modern look.

    Materials: $25,000
    General Conditions Costs: $10,000

    Total Millwork Cost: $35,000

  2. Drywall repair and painting
    Margaret’s walls were beginning to show their age, so the Bolster team completed the rehabilitation, repair, priming, and painting of her space using Benjamin Moore products throughout.

    Materials: $6,000
    General Conditions: $2,400

    Total Wall Repair and Painting Cost: $8,400

  3. Flooring
    Margaret wanted to give her flooring a little TLC––the wood was looking a little beat up after fifteen years of wear and tear. The Bolster team sanded, stained, sealed, and finished the original flooring, revealing the wood’s original grandeur.

    Materials: $2,500
    General Conditions: $1,000

    Total Flooring Cost: $3,500

  4. Electrical Work
    In keeping with electrical code, Margaret’s electrical infrastructure was updated and modernized, and the team installed brand new fixtures throughout the space.

    Materials: $5,000
    General Conditions: $2,000

    Total Electrical Cost: $7,000

Pro Tip:

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Factoring in other costs like site protection and final cleaning, the total cost of Margaret’s updated living area came to $54,850. To uncover the detailed cost of the final project, click here to view the winning bid.

Every year, New Yorkers waste over $700M following the usual renovation process.

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