Small Wonder

Would you break the bank for this classic Noho loft?

By Virginia K. Smith | May 9, 2017 - 1:15PM 

First, the caveat: This isn't a small Small Wonder pick. But it's too interesting to pass up.

An asking price of $2.55 million is, unquestionably, a jaw-dropping price to pay for an apartment that's essentially a studio—albeit a very large one. But the eye-popping price tag notwithstanding, this oversized Noho space is sort of the platonic idea of a downtown loft, with tall ceilings, huge windows, weathered hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, and the original columns. And anything renovated in the same neighborhood does go for easily double. 

The main living space is also certainly large enough to be subdivided into multiple rooms (or at least separated with screens): 

The building has a key-locked elevator as well as a freight elevator that opens on every floor, but the listing notes that the apartment is "raw," and given that we're only given a small glimpse into the kitchen—and none into the bathroom—you'll certainly want to assess in person to see how much more you'll need to invest to remake the apartment.



The 1902 co-op building has two lofts per floor (which would explain this apartment's size), but high monthlies, thanks to a $578.50 monthly assessment that's in place until February 2018. If money is no object, however, this is a prime opportunity to own the kind of apartment you wish you (or your parents) had bought for dirt cheap back in the 1980s. 


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