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A guide to negotiating

Mike Walker, residential sales manager at R New York joins host Emily Myers for this guide to negotiating.
By Brick Underground  | June 29, 2021 - 9:30AM  | TRANSCRIPT

This episode is all about negotiating. It's arguably a life skill, but it's also important when you are dealing with real estate transactions in New York City. Over the past year, many New Yorkers have seen the importance of effective negotiations: Perhaps you've tried to break a lease or been able to argue for a lower rent. Maybe you've had to negotiate time off or a more flexible work schedule. With the city’s real estate market now favoring sellers, many buyers are also having to familiarize themselves with best practices at the negotiating table.

So how to get what you want? In this guide to negotiating, Mike Walker, residential sales manager at R New York, joins host Emily Myers to share some practical tips. He has some simple advice about writing down in advance the range of terms you would be happy with and taking the time to communicate honestly with your broker.

Walker also encourages anyone entering negotiations to consider what it would take to say "yes" rather than using hardball tactics that often just close down the conversation. Often this comes down to knowing exactly what you want, which is sometimes more difficult than it seems. 

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