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A Manhattan family explores whether they can buy, looking to London's millennials for inspiration and more of the week's most popular stories

By Brick Underground  | July 7, 2017 - 2:59PM 

This holiday week our readers were all about scoping out alternative real estate options (the grass is always greener), contemplating moves out of Manhattan, co-purchasing with friends, reasonably priced rentals, and more.

Below, our most-read articles this week:

1. What can I afford? A family wonders whether they can buy in Manhattan at all -- or if they're better off looking elsewhere?

2. London millennials are increasingly co-purchasing homes -- here's what to know to pull of something similar in NYC

3. If you fancy living by a bustling downtown pier -- and have a multi-million dollar budget -- here's what's new along the Westside Highway

4. This condo with 1,600-square-feet of outdoor space is summer-ready

5. What you'll get in Manhattan and Brooklyn for $2,000 a month

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