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Spotlight on Brooklyn with Lindsay Barton Barrett

This week we are putting the spotlight on Brooklyn in a conversation with Lindsay Barton Barrett, a top broker with Douglas Elliman.
By Brick Underground  | February 23, 2021 - 9:30AM

In contrast to Manhattan, the Brooklyn sales market has been surprisingly resilient throughout the pandemic. Townhouses, in particular, have been in demand as buyers prioritize privacy and space. As many New Yorkers adjust to an infrequent commute and seek out dedicated office and dining space they are looking to properties in Brooklyn to meet their needs. 

In this episode of the podcast, Lindsay Barton Barrett, a top broker at Douglas Elliman, talks with host, Emily Myers about Brooklyn's resiliency as well as some of the neighborhoods that are seeing renewed interest as a result of the work-at-home-lifestyle shift. The borough's luxury inventory is seeing the slowest activity but that could soon change as people who deferred buying over the past year start to come to the table. 

Barton Barrett says much of the sales activity is being driven by Manhattanites moving to the borough and she has tips for both buyers and sellers—about how to evaluate a purchase and when to time your sale. 

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