The Brick Underground Podcast: How NYC closings work now with real estate attorney Daniel Gershburg

This episode offers tips for buyers as they close deals on apartments at this point in the pandemic.

Emily Myers for Brick Underground

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Whether you’ve bought in New York City before or this is your first time, the closing process has changed in the last year: We now have video tours, virtual co-op board interviews, and electronic filings. Escrow closings are the norm so lengthy in-person meetings to exchange keys and share certificates can be avoided.

Has all this made the process of buying in NYC more efficient or more fraught? Real estate attorney Daniel Gershburg, partner at the law firm Konner, Gershburg, Melnick, talks with host Emily Myers about what to expect when you’re buying in NYC right now.

What are some of the most significant changes to how closings work now? Are there differences between remote closings for co-ops and condos? How has Covid changed what buyers should look for when doing due diligence on a building? These are some of the issues explored in this episode of the podcast.

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