Small Wonder

This West Village studio has huge windows, recent renovations, and a recent price chop—if you're willing to pay all cash

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While the West Village is certainly one of the most desirable—and high-priced—areas in the city, the flip side to its quaint, historic charms tends to be that you have to pay a mint for quaint, cramped little apartments.

And while this studio on West Broadway is no one's idea of huge, with its large windows, high ceilings, and elongated layout, it has the feel of a bit more breathing room than your average studio. It has hardwood walnut floors, exposed brick that's been painted white for a brightening effect, and six windows throughout the space, including in the kitchen and bathroom. You can see it below both empty, and virtually staged:

The kitchen is relatively spacious for a studio, with countertop seating, cabinet space, and room for a full-sized fridge—not necessarily a given. Above the kitchen counter, you'll also find a pull-down projector to facilitate TV and movie nights without taking up valuable floor or wall space with a massive monitor. We also like the teal tiles in the bathroom, and the fact that it gets some natural light of its own:

Though it's a co-op building, the listing notes that it's pied-a-terre friendly, and that you can sublet starting immediately. (Pets are also welcome in the building.) The asking price is $425,000—recently reduced from $450,000—but of course, there's a catch: the listing specifically notes, "No financing—cash only," which is a tall order.

However, it's such a charming and well-priced space that if you can feasibly afford it, it might be worth a serious look.