New Development Week

Welcome to New Development Week on Brick Underground

By  | March 28, 2016 - 8:50AM

Between the cranes, the scaffolding, and the tall, shiny towers that dominate our city streets, it's hard to step outside in New York City without being reminded that we're in the midst of a years-long new development boom.

But what do the eye-popping architecture and big-numbers headlines mean for the regular NYC buyer or renter? In the name of finding out, we're dedicating the whole week to all things new development, from vetting a brand new building (whether you're buying or renting) to up-and-coming amenity trends to the effects of all this change on individual New York neighborhoods. 

You can keep track of all this week's stories here, and check back in with us throughout the week for the inside scoop on the city's changing skyline, and what it might mean for you. 

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