Small Wonder

This downtown Brooklyn studio's got modern finishes and building amenities galore

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 1, 2016 - 11:59AM

This downtown Brooklyn studio has a separate sleeping area and a foyer, both of which make it feel like more than a studio.

Spire Group

This $2,500 downtown Brooklyn studio is dubbed a "junior one," because the bedroom is separated from the living space with a half wall. And the somewhat-tucked-away sleeping alcove fits a queen-sized bed and a small dresser.



The kitchen—okay, it's more of a kitchen wall—has stainless appliances, including a two-door fridge and a dishwasher, and is located along the wall of the entry hallway.


The apartment's on the east side of the building, so expect to get a lot of morning light. And the fact that it's on the seventh floor means that the light situation likely isn't bad all day.

The condo building—located at 306 Gold Street and named The Oro—is one of several high-rises to go up in the neighborhood in recent years. And as usual in this part of Brooklyn, the building is chock full of amenities (maybe because the neighborhood is a little lacking in them): There's a gym, indoor pool, movie room, and billiards room.

Plus, believe it or not, it's about $160 per month less than the neighborhood median for studio apartments.


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