The city's most dangerous blocks, Alexander Hamilton's New York, and more

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

Find out if you live on one of the city's most crime-ridden blocks (NYP)

If you can't get tickets to the show, try the next best thing: touring Alexander Hamilton's New York (AM NY)

Perhaps we should take a pause before getting too worked up about micro apartments? (The New Yorker)

Shady firms are trying to convince home owners that prices are plummeting, and now's the time to sell (Brownstoner)

Map: remembering the city's former sex districts (including Soho) (DNAinfo)

The Brooklyn Heights Association is ending its beloved home tours over concerns about digital invasions of privacy (NYT)

Do you have a rent-controlled apartment, or parents who pay your rent? You might be a NYC douchebag (Thrillist)

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