Get organized in 2016, AirBnB on the defense, Starbucks rules Manhattan, and more

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Is your New Year's resolution to get more organized? Here's a three-week plan to tackle your mess (Refinery 29)

A reason to feel okay (maybe) about not being a one-percenter: Mo' money, mo' problems. One57 buyer loses $1 million on resale (Wall Street Journal)

And in other one-percent news: The $35 million-plus apartment became more common in 2015 (The Real Deal)

Airbnb continues to defend its presence in NYC (TRD, previously)

Think your roommates are bad? Make yourself feel better by perusing this blog with testimonials about some of the worst (The Worst Roommates Ever)

Some Bushwick residents may see their energy prices go down, as one architect overhauls a group of old buildings to make them more efficient (DNA Info)

Going away over the holidays? Better figure out what to do with your pet first (My First Apartment)

Brooklyn is, indeed, threatened by global warming and rising sea levels (Brownstone)

You’re not imagining it, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are everywhere in the city (Observer)

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