Space-starved New Yorkers dream of pantries—especially when snow looms

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Sufficient storage is always a bit of of an issue when living in tight city quarters. In our continuing quest to find out what New Yorkers really want, we asked five of them: Would you rather have a kitchen pantry or a linen closet? Spoiler: The upcoming storm forecast swayed some of them.

  • Storing a taste of home I really like to cook and I always have some ingredients around. But what I really need a pantry for is my stock of Russian foods that I get from the specialty store and online. I have cakes that come in little packets, jams, and also jars of pickled herring! —Nina, Hamilton Heights (pictured at left)
  • Stockpile for snowmageddon Well, let’s see: there’s a snow storm coming? One that’s supposed to “make up” for all the mild weather we’ve had so far this winter? Yeah, a pantry stocked to the brim with food would be good right about now. —Arsim, Upper West Side
  • Wake me when winter's over I don’t really cook much, so I guess a linen closet is better. If I had a pantry, I’d still put linens in it. Not that I’d want my linen next to the kitchen, but since I don’t cook, that would be alright. It’s cold out now, so all I can think of is having warm, snuggly sheets. —Rowena, Inwood

  • The point of a pantry I would love  a pantry. My kitchen is small and really doesn’t have much storage at all. I’m always getting rid of stuff that I don’t use, like old and faded sheets and towels. Stuff I don’t need. But I don’t throw away food stuff. Staples like flour and rice you buy in bulk and keep. That’s the point! —Gwin, Hamilton Heights (pictured at left)
  • Fair weather friend I do love bed linens and I have a several sets. I don’t understand when people buy one or two sets and that’s what their bed always looks like. That’s boring. Linen is the best way to change up a room. I change my sofa cushion covers, rugs according to season, and I’ve even changed my sofa covers (thanks to Ikea). I also sew and do love to buy fabric and keep it till I know what to do with it. —Caroline, Inwood

Verdict: Pantry wins by a hair.


Which storage upgrade would you prefer: Walk-in closet or kitchen pantry?

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