Which do you prefer: A great neighborhood or a great apartment?

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For some New Yorkers, an apartment is all about its location. For others, the space inside matters a lot more than what's going on directly outside.

So we asked six New Yorkers: All things being equal, Would you rather live in your dream apartment in a not-so-dreamy neighborhood or a less-than-ideal apartment in your ideal neighborhood?

  • Happiness is (turn) key I’d want my dream apartment! I’ve lived in less-than-ideal spaces and I’m tired of it. I have to be happy in my own space. And that means a totally renovated, spacious apartment, with an office/studio for me, and a kitchen with all the gadgets.  —Allie, Bronx (shown at left)
  • No leak, no problem My standards for what constitutes a “dream” apartment are pretty low. Does the roof leak? No? Great. And maybe the door should also lock and the plumbing should be functional. Other than that, I’m good. But I want to know the area is safe and convenient for work, obviously. I like places to get to easily from my place, meaning bars and restaurants within walking distance. I want to be able to walk around at night and invite people over and have them find their way easily from the subway. So location is definitely more important to me. I have pretty simple ideas of what constitutes a comfortable home. —Norm, Hamilton Heights
  • Back to basics I think it depends most on the price of the apartment. But if it’s the same for both apartments, I’d rather have a nicer apartment. I spend most of my time in there! I like to have people over. But it’s really about having basics that I haven’t had since moving to the city: Washer/dryer and a dishwasher. And central air! Oh my gosh. It’s basics! —Naomi, Morningside Heights

  • Safety first! I would always choose my dream neighborhood because I have a daughter! I have to think of safety for her and for me. I want to be able to walk around, and have fun together in our neighborhood! —Rosemary, Harlem (shown at left)
  • Walks vs. walls I would choose the location. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Anyway, I think that’s more important. My dream neighborhood makes me happy just walking in the street! But I’m never like, “Oh, what nice walls I have!” —James, Upper West Side

  • Party palace Dream apartment! I need a lot of space to do my work, and a lot of space to be social and throw parties. If I throw parties, then I want a dishwasher so I can have large parties and not have to wash up after. Location doesn’t bother me. People will gather where there’s food and fun. I go out to places all over the city anyway. I get bored if I stay local too often, even though I do love my neighborhood. —Andrea, Hamilton Heights (shown at left)

    Verdict: Even split ...  and the debate rages on!


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