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Map: Which NYC neighborhoods are the noisiest?

By Virginia K. Smith | January 27, 2016 - 3:59PM

Nobody moves to New York for peace and quiet, but if your neighborhood is a never-ending din of car stereos, jackhammers, and idling buses, you'd probably want to know that before moving in. Hence Noise in NY, a new map using last year's public census data to track the neighborhoods (and even the specific buildings and corners) that generated the most 311 noise complaints in 2015.

The map is the work of design firm CartoDB, as CityLab reports, and allows you to filter your search by a variety of different metrics including complaint type (e.g. "loud music," "construction," or "ice cream truck"), season, time of day, and location type ("bar/club," "house of worship," etc.). 

Manhattan and most of north Brooklyn look to be pretty noisy across the board (particularly along main drags like Atlantic Avenue), but drilling down into the data did reveal few surprises.

For one thing, the Upper East Side seems to lead Manhattan in "barking dog"-related complaints (yippy little lap dogs, perhaps?):

And while construction noise is a relatively infrequent source of calls, Midtown, Noho, and the area around the Second Avenue subway are the biggest Manhattan culprits for jackhammering.

As always with data based on 311 complaints, the data tends to be skewed by the residents themselves—meaning, the incidents are self-reported and could mean one slice of the city may just be more willing to call to log complaints than others. 

Still, we're suckers for maps, and it's always fun to scroll around to see your neighborhood's specific stats.


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