Gett now guarantees better fares than Uber—or your money back

By Virginia K. Smith | January 13, 2016 - 11:59AM

Another salvo in the ongoing app wars between car services: Gett has announced a new program guaranteeing "Better Fares Than Uber or Your Money Back" for rides in New York City. The move is strategically timed to coincide with predictable (if understandable) outrage over Uber's New Year's Eve surge pricing.

Gett, as you'll recall, is the service that offers $10 rides anywhere below 110th Street in NYC, and "surge-free fixed rates." They also launched a "Surge Sucks" program back in November promising new users reimbursement in the form of ride credits if they emailed in Uber surge pricing receipts. (Reps tell us that the Surge Sucks is actually still running, if you haven't already taken advantage.)

As for the current promotion, Gett issued the following instructions for users looking to compare a recent Uber receipt to Gett's pricing:

1. Open the Gett app and select the same type of vehicle as your Uber trip

      a) If you're looking at an Uber X receipt, select Gett Standard (up to 30% better rates)

      b) If you're looking at an Uber Black receipt, select Gett Premium (up to 35% better rates)

      c) If you're looking at an Uber Black SUV receipt, select Gett SUV (up to 40% better rates)

2. Enter the same origin as your Uber trip and tap "Set Pickup"

3. Enter the same destination as your Uber trip to get your Gett price

If Gett's price quote is more than what you paid for your Uber, email your receipt to  [email protected], and they'll give you a free ride credit equivalent to their fixed quote. (This will work for multiple receipts of up to a cumulative total of $100, according to Gett.) 

“Gett provides similar services to Uber, but also gives consumers the option to book cars immediately or pre-book the ride in advance, all at a much better rate. We want to make sure every New Yorker is aware of this," said the company's CEO Shahar Waiser in a statement. In any case, if the public relations war between all the city's new car services spells a few free cab rides, why not? 

Still, our review of Gett and other taxi alternatives first posted last summer revealed Gett's comparative lack of available cars back then, so you'll have to see if you have better luck than we did.

Stay tuned to see how this discount-off plays out for both consumers and Uber and Gett.


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