People were finally arrested over that East Village gas explosion

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Fallout continues from the gas-related East Village building explosion that killed two New Yorkers last year, and left many of us terrified at the possibility of leaks in our own old, questionably maintained buildings. This morning, the New York Post reports that five people have been arrested in connection with the explosion—three contractors and two building owners—and are being charged with "second-degree manslaughter, negligent homicide, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment."

It's heartening to see justice served, but it's also a reminder to look out for the safety of your own home. Mayor Bill De Blasio has previously issued warnings to immediately call 911 or Con Ed if you smell  smoke or gas—no need to take the problem to your landlord or super first—and as far as preventative measures, it's never a bad idea to investigate the state of your building's violations, as well as the licenses of anyone your landlord is bringing in to do work. When it comes to safety complaints, you should absolutely take on the role of "squeaky wheel," alerting your landlord (and if necessary, 311) to any problems.

Oh, and if you have a cat? You might want to consider childproofing that gas stove.


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