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Maps: the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods with the best parking options

By Virginia K. Smith  | January 14, 2016 - 12:59PM

For many New Yorkers, one of the great joys of living in this city is that you can reasonably get by without having a car. On the flip side, if you really, truly need one—maybe you've got three kids, a dog, and a raging Costco addiction?—dealing with parking tends to be expensive, and a massive everyday headache.

This in mind, Trulia partnered with parking data site Parknav to put together a report on the best and worst neighborhoods to find parking in various cities across the country, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. (We'd be curious to see the results for Queens, given its comparatively suburban layout, and in certain neighborhoods, the necessity of having a car to get around.)

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In any case, they looked at both public street parking and rentals on the market that come with dedicated parking, and came up with some interesting findings. In Manhattan, Midtown neighborhoods are unsurprisingly the worst for street parking, but also have a high rate of rentals that offer parking, as do areas with lots of new development like the Financial District and Battery Park City:

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"While Manhattan certainly lives up to its reputation as a terrible place to own a car, there were some surprising pockets in the neighborhoods with more newer, luxury construction," Trulia data scientist Mark Uh tells us. "You’ll have a higher chance of finding rentals that advertise having on-site parking in downtown neighborhoods like Battery Park City and Tribeca, as well as midtown neighborhoods like Clinton and the Theater District. So if having car is a must-have, living in Manhattan isn’t out the question, but it may cost you in added parking garage fees."

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As for Brooklyn, relatively small, gentrified neighborhoods like Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, and Brooklyn Heights are tight on parking, and if you want a rental that comes with a parking spot, your best bet is to head south—to southern Brooklyn, that is, like Manhattan Beach, Coney Island, and Sheepshead Bay. 


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