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5 stylish space heaters that will get you through the rest of winter

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | January 18, 2017 - 3:59PM

While the weather continues to go up and down this winter, we have to assume that cold days are far from over.

[Note: This roundup was updated in January 2017.]

Instead of suffering under piles of blankets until spring finally hits, we suggest you pick up one of these stylish space heaters, guaranteed to really warm things up without ruining your apartment's decor.

Unless you're one of the lucky few New Yorkers with a real, working fireplace, this mini space heater, which doesn't take up much space at 12-by-15 inches, may be the closest you'll get. Plus, at $89.98, it costs a lot less than the real thing (and no maintenance or firewood necessary!).

We love all things Dyson (sidenote: the dustbuster and vacuum are amazing!), and if you're okay with splurging, their Hot + Cool Fan Heater (from $244 and up) is a good buy, considering it looks sleek and lasts beyond winter, transitioning into summer to cool off your soon-to-be-sweatbox (hard to believe, we know, but true). Plus, it doesn't get hot to the touch, so there's no danger of kids or pets hurting their little paws.

This $119.99 portable electric fan compact heater looks like an adorable little robot, and also works as a fan or heater. Besides looking cute, the little "feet" ensure that that it doesn't tip over. 

The same company responsible for the charming unit above, Stadler Form, makes this compact heater for $119.99. If your apartment decor is sleek and modern, this should fit right in. The piece, Apple-computer-like in its minimalism, takes up little space (just 5.75-by-14.45 inches)  stows away easily. Win, win in NYC.

We're digging the retro  look of this space heater, not to mention its $34.99 price tag. This compact heater won't warm your whole apartment, but might be just right for making your bedroom or bathroom just a little bit more cozy. It's also easy to move around from room to room.


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