Your commute may get cheaper in 2016—here's how

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We've all gotten used to transit hikes by now, but believe it or not, 2016 might be the year you save on your commute. A new Commuter Benefits Law goes into effect on January 1, which requires NYC employers with 20 or more workers to offer employees the option to use pre-tax dollars to pay for transit expenses.

That means if your business meets the criteria, now is the time to tell the human resources department. 

According to the Riders Alliance, New Yorkers will save an average of $443 a year when they buy a $116.50 unlimited MetroCard. Savings will also be passed on to users of PATH trains, commuter rails and buses.

Check out Riders Alliance's  online calculator to see how much you are likely to save in 2016 (all you need to enter is how much you spend on your commute and your tax bracket).

And then figure out how you're going to spend that surplus, of course.


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