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Our favorite things from Oprah's much-loved Favorite Things list

By Beth Stebner | November 6, 2015 - 1:59PM

It’s her longest list yet, and we’re checking it twice.

Oprah—arguably one of the biggest lifestyle moguls of all time—just released her annual “My Favorite Things” list, chock full of tech gadgets, clothes, and knickknacks like a selfie-friendly iPhone case.

But it’s the home goods that got us most excited here at Brick, and there’s a surprising amount of products that are perfect picks for a New York City apartment. We’ve rounded up our favorite things from Oprah’s own favorites—all of them making not much of a dent in space-starved NYC digs. 

Modern Sprout Garden Jar Three-Pack
Yes, mason jars are overplayed and kind of basic. But still, not many of these ubiquitous jars come equipped with a hydroponic system that helps keep these herbs alive. Bonus points: They’re assembled in Oprah’s home town of Chicago. $54, at

IMAX Confetti Three-Piece Book-Box Set
We’re digging this novel idea to save space without cluttering it. $52,

Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Salt Cellar
It’s the salt cellar that holds up to three different kinds of salt, great for foodies and fans of vertical integration. $49 at

High Camp Vine and Bloom Box
Oprah recommends arranging the flowers in a vase or floating them in bowls “for an exotic look.” $189 and additional 20% off with the code OPRAH,

Drawing Foil Art Prints turns your little one’s doodles into art, making the sketch with letterpress or foil. You won't be able to frame too many to fit on small-ish NYC apartment walls, but one or two would do quite nicely as accents. 
$120 to $447,

For all of Oprah's favorite things, visit and pick up the December issue of The O Magazine. 


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