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A suburban-style house in the heart of Brooklyn—for less than the price of a Manhattan three-bedroom

By BrickUnderground | November 25, 2015 - 10:30AM

Let's dispense with the pretense, shall we? If someone were to, say, present you with the opportunity to own a bonafide, suburban-style house—with all the perks that implies, including enough bedrooms for everyone in the family, a parking space and a yard—who would say no? Especially if it's located in a thriving neighborhood in Brooklyn? And for much less than a brownstone in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn would command? 

This 2757-square-foot six-bedroom (!) at 25 Dekoven Street—more house than a townhouse, so we're straying a bit from the usual Wednesday Brick pick—is on a cul-de-sac in Ditmas Park, land of suburban-style houses. Asking $2.1 million and listed by Brooklyn Hearth Realty, it has two-and-a-half baths and a proper porch that's perfect for lounging (and checking on the goings-on in the neighborhood, as a proper porch-owner should). 

The house has a foyer and a parlor—two words one doesn't often hear in relation to NYC real estate—as well as a fireplace in the living room. The kitchen is massive by most standards, and is equipped with up-to-date appliances. Plus, there's a solarium! (Not pictured, unfortunately, but we'll take the listing at face value.)

And then there's the yard which, these days, probably requires more raking than outright lazing, but consider it the price of owning a rarity in NYC: a true-blue house. Nice work if you can get it. 


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