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Get first-hand accounts of post-Sandy rebuilding from the documentary, 'Everything is Different Now'

By BrickUnderground  | October 27, 2015 - 2:59PM

By now, we've read—and reported—scores of stories about the devastation suffered in NYC neighborhoods like Breezy Point after Hurricane Sandy hit three years ago. But there's nothing like hearing (and seeing) it straight from those who were affected. Director Jennifer Callahan's documentary, Everything is Different Now: Rockaway After the Storm, chronicles the damage and subsequent rebuilding that knit communities affected even tighter than they were before. 

Directed by Jennifer Callahan and premiering this past weekend on WNET's Channel Thirteen, the film is part-history and part-chronicle of the renaissance of the popular beachside spot and its residents, who share the heartache of watching the place they love destroyed. But it also showcases their resiliency, as they fought to restore their beloved neighborhood to its former—and, as the title suggests, different—glory. 

Everything is Different Now was filmed in the summer of 2013, and much had improved even then. And nowadays, the Rockaways have grown to become a destination not just for surfers but for New Yorkers looking for a quick staycation. 

But more work remains: One local blogger told us that improvements on the very-much-missed boardwalk have been "abysmally slow," for instance.

To watch the trailer, click here. Or, better yet, catch another screening of it on November 2nd at BAM's Rose Cinema in Brooklyn. 


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