Instead of that sad bar bathroom, how about this $1,750/month LES one-bedroom?

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Equal parts amusing and depressing, a story has been making the rounds this week about a Lower East Side bartender who posted pics of the bar's divey bathroom as a $30/day "artist loft" on Craigslist, and in response, got a flood of crushingly earnest responses.

In search of an antidote, we started cruising real listings in the area, and among throngs of $6000/month two-bedrooms, came across this rather charming (and shockingly well-priced) one-bedroom, asking $1,750/month (or $58/day, if you want to compare directly).

Not too shabby, when you consider that MNS Realty recently tracked the average price of a non-doorman one-bedroom in the area at $2,699/month (and that it's hard to find one-bedrooms at this price even in relatively far-flung parts of the outer boroughs):

 It looks like the bedroom gets the lion's share of the natural light here—it also gets bonus points for the decorative fireplace. Admittedly, the listing photos go downhill once you leave the bedroom, but at this price, it hardly matters.

Still, we suspect the only light coming into the living room is from the window in the open kitchen. The listing doesn't offer a ton of details, except to note the inlaid wood floors and exposed brick, as well as the building's no-pets policy. 

The bathroom and kitchen look mercifully normal, as well, and the location—97 Pitt Street—puts you about a five minute walk from the Delancey-Essex stop. One thing to keep in mind, however: Given that this is unit 12 in a five-story, 18-unit building, it's safe to assume you're looking at a third or fourth-floor walk-up here. But worth it not to have to resort to a bar bathroom, no?


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