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Uh oh: You can now get 7-Eleven snacks delivered right to your apartment

By Virginia K. Smith  | September 2, 2015 - 2:59PM

Can't be bothered to walk the three blocks to your local 7-Eleven for your daily dose of cheese-stuffed Doritos, jumbo hot dogs, and Big Gulps? You're in luck: DoorDash, a third party service that arranges delivery from local restaurants, has partnered with the mega-chain for speedy 7-Eleven deliveries in New York, Chicago, and L.A., Business Insider reports.

If you're prepared to pay the $2.99 delivery fee, you can have delicacies like Muscle Milk, "chicken dippers," breakfast croissant sandwiches, and frozen buffalo wings delivered right to your door. (Up to you if you want to get all of those things at once.) Strangely, when we pulled up delivery options for our office address, neither taquitos nor their infamous cheeseburger dogs were included in the mix. (Surely an oversight.) On a more practical level, among 7-Eleven's delivery offerings are standard household items like flour, batteries, and cat litter.

DoorDash has previously done similar promotions with Taco Bell, and is looking to expand beyond the world of restaurants and into the broader market of all-purpose high-speed delivery, according to Business Insider.

Next up, can they figure out a way to get a delivery guy to the one deli in our neighborhood that makes the good sandwiches?

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