If you live in Brooklyn, you probably live in a 'subway desert' according to this map

By Virginia K. Smith  | August 7, 2015 - 12:59PM

Consider all your late night cab expenses justified: According to a new map, more parts of the city than you'd expect are located in so-called "subway deserts." Self-described "urbanist, mapmaker, and data junkie" Chris Whong  has put together a map showing the parts of the five boroughs located 500 meters or more from a subway station, and turns out, there are a lot of them:

The blue dots on the map indicate areas that are within 500 meters of a subway station, and everything else? Subway desert. As CityLab points out, in a city as pedestrian-oriented as New York, it may be a little extreme to refer to a longer-than-500-meter walk as 'desert' territory, and the map doesn't take into account the city's bus situation. (For instance, my Bed-Stuy apartment is a solid half-mile walk from the closest subway, but surrounded on literally every corner by viable bus options.)

Still, the map is a good reminder that your commute really is less convenient if you move, say, to the far east or west side of Manhattan, or just about anywhere in the outer boroughs. We'd love to imagine this all means rents in these areas will adjust accordingly, but we'll get back to you after our next lease renewal.


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