Want 900 square feet in Windsor Terrace? It'll cost you $1.25 million

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Oh, Brooklyn. You never cease to amaze us these days.  We've reported about how bonkers sales prices are in that borough. Case in point, the New York Post brings our attention to a small Windsor Terrace bungalow currently for sale for $1.249 million.

The home is only 900 square feet, but it seems to be expected that whoever snaps it up will demolish it and build something else, anyway. The property's listing agent tells the Post that zoning allows the new owner to tear down the bungalow and build a three-story home. In any case, neighbors are reportedly "stunned by the sky-high price." Maybe we're getting jaded, but we weren't (especially considering the median price for homes in this neighborhood near Prospect Park is just under $1.3 million).

So, if you're looking for the bungalow life, may we suggest the (much cheaper) Catskills?


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