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Walking app helps you take a mini-vacation in the city

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | July 14, 2015 - 2:59PM

They say living near greenery makes us happier, and we'd have to agree.  Of course, NYC is more concrete jungle than green, leafy oasis, which is why we were intrigued to read on Fast Company about an app called Walkonomics, which helps city-dwellers find the most tree-lined route to take from one point to another. It was created by a Brit, but works in New York City (and a handful of other cities including Paris and Buenos Aires).

When you map a location, a slider lets you choose betwen "fast" and "beautiful." Use the "beautiful" option when you're not trying to get to work/somewhere else in a New York minute. We played around with the app and found it totally easy to use, and, honestly, will try it the next time we're taking a nice, long walk. What's a couple of extra minutes anyway? Maybe it'll help with that whole mindfulness thing we're all trying to do.


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