Would You Rather?

Would you prefer 25 percent more apartment space or another bedroom?

By Mayra David | July 20, 2015 - 3:59PM

In a city where the cliche “space is a premium” could not be more apt, residents have become experts in making good use of the square footage they do have. But even with all our space-saving ingenuity, we can’t deny that a little more could go a long way.  But how do New Yorkers prefer their space? We asked five people: Would you rather have 25 percent more square footage, or another bedroom?

  • Chill zone I’d want more square feet in the common areas. Bedrooms are just for sleeping. But I like to entertain and I really like to just chill. I don’t need a bedroom for guests. That’s what a larger living room is for! They don’t have to get that comfortable. —Dahoud, Hamilton Heights
  • In the family way Well, I think I have enough space right now as it is, but if I had to choose, I’d add a second bedroom. Because, you know, I want kids someday. If I have kids when I’m still living here, which I would also like to do, it would be nice to be able to grow into the space. —Nick, Washington Heights
  • Good walls make good roomies My sister and I live together and, in an apartment with roommates, the more rooms, the less rent for everybody (especially me, since I hold the lease!). So, another bedroom would be awesome. I definitely would not want square footage anywhere else, because I don’t want to make it too comfortable for people to hang out all together in a common area. I don’t think that’s great for living with roommates. I think it’s better to keep everybody separate and not creating any chances for roommates to get on each other’s nerves! —Bernadette, Jackson Heights
  • Enough with the multi-hyphenate room I’d want a second bedroom. I think that’s a much more versatile use of space. The way people live now, we make multiple uses of space anyway. A separate room is better instead of carving up a larger living space with room dividers or bookcases to make an office space or something. A separate bedroom can be used as a separate living space anyway, especially if you want to do something separate from the people who live with you. You can play video games, read, watch movies without bothering anybody. —Rob, Chelsea
  • More space for the multi-hyphenate room More space to entertain friends would be nice. It’s a bit cramped right now, with the open-kitchen/dining room/living room/ bike storage we’re got going on. We eat at the kitchen pass-thru counter and have a fold-down table for when we have guests. It works well enough, but that tells you how much space we have. We have out-of-town guests sometimes, but more often we have game or movie nights with some people. —Jamie, Inwood

Verdict: The more bedrooms, the better.


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