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Last-minute vacation rental: this Craigslist haunted house—with a vineyard!

By Virginia K. Smith  | July 9, 2015 - 10:32AM

If you've been slacking on your weekend getaway plans so far this summer, not to worry: For starters, we've got you covered next week during Brick's first-ever Escape from New York week. Also, there's this: You can still spend a weekend in a spooky old country house swilling wine and chasing ghosts, if that's your thing.

Though it's been posted for a month, this Craiglist ad for a "beautiful but haunted farmhouse with vineyard" still seems to be available, and is just an hour's drive north of New York. (Note: So is Sleepy Hollow).

It's got seven bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, meaning you can take a crowd, the better to ensure at least one of you survives the weekend. (Also, no fighting over who gets to hide in the bathroom if things go south.) "This place isn't for the faint of heart," warns the listing, "nor do we guarantee any experience. Whatever is here likes to gets [sic] guests alone, and it can be a bit unnerving. The pic attached is the first snapped here upon arriving... No photoshop whatsoever."

While rental times are flexible, there's a strict no-disturbing-the-spirits policy in place:

We rent rooms by the night or the entire property for a week. We only ask you do nothing to rile up our spirits - no Ouija or seances, please. Otherwise, we have an unmatched 200 acres and a full working vineyard and winery.

Fair enough. (Everyone knows using a Ouija board is just asking for trouble, anyway. Also, 200 acres means you have a lot of ground to cover if you're running away from something, just fyi.)

Honestly, if anything's really suspicious here, it's that they don't mention anything about the price. That, and that nobody seems to care enough about this house to actively stalk it.


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