5 apartments that have rooms with a (Central Park) view

By Jennifer Laing  | July 24, 2015 - 2:30PM

On July 21, 1853, New York state legislators set aside over 750 acres of central Manhattan land to be developed into a public park. In celebration of that auspicious date (162 years ago this week!), we’re dedicating today’s Covet column to our city’s beloved greenspace with a roundup of homes boasting stunning Central Park views. If you have a few million dollars lying around, these apartments — overlooking trees, paths, playgrounds, meadows, gardens, fountains, pools, sculptures and more — are a great place to put them. 

In the El Dorado at 300 Central Park West, this classic-eight for $11.5 million has to-die-for views of the Central Park Reservoir and the Guggenheim Museum from its master bedroom, living room and dining room. The rest of the apartment doesn’t disappoint with 10-foot ceilings, lots of windows and refined touches such as a cedar closet and a butler’s pantry.

For $19.95 million, you can snap up this 5,000 square foot penthouse condop at 230 Central Park South. Delivered empty and ready for renovation, all it needs are walls and furniture since the killer Central Park view is already in place.

The master bedroom and living room of this three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath co-op at 24 Central Park South (on the market for $6.995 million) share matching vistas of the park from one of its more impressive vantage points: looking north from its southernmost border.

This three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath co-op at 950 Fifth Avenue (listed at $12.75 million) has a wood-burning fireplace, a stainless steel kitchen and a number of oversized picture windows offering, thanks to its seventh floor location, unobstructed views of the park right across the street.


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