Every "quaint" town's gentrification trajectory, in cartoon form

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Hey, how about a gentrification story that makes you laugh instead of curl up into a ball of hysterical sobs?  Buzzfeed's "Handy Guide to Gentrification" is more of a questionnaire, really—complete with accompanying cartoons—that's ostensibly for those on the lookout for the "next best" place to live — perhaps the "yuccies" (aka "young urban creatives") memorably described by Mashable.

Here's an example question to help you decide whether to move to Wilmington:

That said, it IS crazy cheap to live in Wilmington. My friend Caleb just moved there and for very little money bought a ________.

a) ramshackle old Victorian
b) former purse clasp factory
c) entire car dealership
d) abandoned polio hospital
e) haunted roller disco

Substitute Detroit or any neighborhood in Brooklyn (or Ridgewood, Astoria, Long Island City and the like) for Wilmington, though, and you can scarcely tell the difference. But no more spoilers: This questionnaire is best when you "take" it—and check out the accompanying illustrations—for yourself.


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