Which New York neighborhoods have the most apartments with washer/dryers, and how much extra will it cost you?

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Sadly, an in-unit washer and dryer is a bonafide status symbol for a lot of New Yorkers, given how rare it is to find an apartment with a hookup, and how pricey said apartments tend to be. But if the ability to do laundry in-house is an absolute must for you, where should you look?

Trulia mapped exactly that using data from their listings (hat tip to Thrillist for the link), and found that Midtown West, Lenox Hill, Tribeca, Hudson Square, and Soho are the city's most washer/dryer-abundant 'hoods. As for the areas you're least likely to find them: Greenwich Village, the West Village, and rather surprisingly, the new development mecca that is Midtown East. (We get not having one in a quirky old pre-war building in the village, but a midtown high rise?)

They also broke down the numbers for several different cities looking at just how much extra you'll pay for the privilege of your own laundry setup, and found than on average, New Yorkers would pay an extra $175/month. This actually means we're being gouged less than residents of cities like Philly, L.A., and San Francisco. So maybe, just maybe, we should check that off our (already long) list of real estate gripes? Just a thought.

You can play around with the interactive map below, and if you'd rather not splash out the extra money for a washer/dryer of your own, think about exploring the city's ever-growing roster of on-demand laundry services.



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