Have a window facing a brick wall? Change your view (without calling the movers)

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In a list of must-haves, sometimes a stunning view has to fall off, especially for the budget-minded in all of us. But that's not to say we have to make peace with that air-shaft vista, or surrender to staring at a brick wall forever. Apartment Therapy has tips on how to get a better apartment outlook, literally, including installing stained glass and potted plants and herbs on a window sill. (To which we say: brilliant.)

Houzz suggests installing a fabric screen — Ink and Spindle has beautifully modern graphic prints that are sustainably sourced — and blogger Annabel Vita has a genius idea about using lace and corn starch to make window panes more visually arresting (so useful for French doors, too!).

In short, there's no need to settle for a bad vista. Ever.


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