An over-$2,000 a month studio that may shock NYC newbies — and 3 alternatives

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We have to admit that as much as we love looking at "aspirational" penthouses and over-the-top townhouses, we like looking at WTF/Only in New York listings almost as much. (You can probably tell). This $2,080 midtown "studio" with death-defying loft, half-fridge, glorified hot plate — oh, it's a walk-up, too — certainly falls into the latter category (though we'll admit the downstairs area is WAY nicer than some we've seen before).

Please peruse the photos below for just a moment, to make your own judgements:

We admit it's neat as a pin, which is way better than some places we've seen before. The stairs look sturdy and it looks like it gets decent light. But again: $2,080 a month?!?

Consider these apartments asking the same price. And talk about luxury: They all even have ovens.


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