An easy way to donate your excess stuff—instead of dumping it—next time you move

By Virginia K. Smith | June 4, 2015 - 3:59PM

It's an inevitable part of every move, discarding excess books, clothes, and assorted knick knacks we no longer care about enough to bring along with us to the next apartment (or more to the point, pay to bring with us). The more organized among us pack it all up and donate it in the weeks leading up to the move, sure, but for most of us, those old DVDs and loafers? They're probably ending up on the curb, with the hope that someone who passes by will find them useful.

With that in mind, FlatRate Moving (a Brick advertiser) has partnered with the Salvation Army to launch its new UPCYCLE program to make donating your old goods as hassle-free as possible. It works like this: FlatRate will provide two UPCYCLE boxes for each move, which can be filled with "gently used" books, clothes, toys, or "small household goods" you're looking to unload. From there, they'll transport your donations to the Salvation Army, free of charge.

Consider yourself spared from the nightmare of the Beacon's Closet donation process—or the ethical dilemma of dumping it all in one of those sketchy, ubiquitous "donation" bins.


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