Covet: Private garages that will make circling for a parking space a thing of the past

By Jennifer Laing  | May 8, 2015 - 3:59PM

Leave it to New York City to raise the most mundane of spaces into the ultimate status symbol: In most other American cities, the garage is a taken-for-granted add-on, a place to park your car and store stuff that doesn’t deserve a place in your home. But in this city, where parking of any kind comes with a hefty price tag, either in the rent you pay for a monthly parking spot or the dings and other damage sustained parking on the street, it’s a rare luxury. If your own personal NYC housing fantasy includes a place to park, these homes may be your dream come true.

Besides an indoor swimming pool, private gym and multiple outdoor spaces, this 11, 000-plus-square-foot Tribeca townhouse at 2 North Moore (asking $46 million) has a three-car garage—because at that price, one may not be enough.

This 6,500 square foot townhouse at 148 Reade Street has everything you’d expect from an urban mansion: five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an elevator, vault and private garage with direct access to the lower level of the home. The one thing not included in the $16.5 million asking price? The Ferrari in the driveway. But a shrewd negotiator might be able to make a case for it.

For those who would prefer not to house their vehicles within their home, there’s always this option: A charming, 19th-century six-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath townhouse at 2 Strong Place in Cobble Hill (yours for $6.95 million). It comes with its own 800-square-foot carriage house featuring a garage on the first floor and a studio with bathroom and kitchenette (for the chauffeur, perhaps?) above.

Why choose between convenience and location when you can have both? This charming Federal style townhouse is ideally situated at 52 West 10th Street in prime Greenwich Village. Priced at $8.999 million, it has four bedrooms, six skylights, a pretty stone-walled garden and a pristine garage (with lovely curtains in the window) with its own curb cut for easy access.


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