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Apply now for Harlem apartments as cheap as $922/month

By Virginia K. Smith | June 1, 2015 - 11:59AM

Note: BrickUnderground is in no way affiliated with New York City public housing. If you are interested in applying to this or other affordable housing developments, please go to the NYC Housing Connect website for information and instructions.

Fifty new affordable rentals are now taking applications at buildings in Harlem, according to a new listing on NYC Housing Connect, with options ranging from $922 to $1,682 a month.

All buildings are in the West 140s, and include studios priced at $922, $1,148, and $1,298; one-bedrooms for $990, $1,232 and $1,393; and two-bedrooms for $1,198, $1,488, and $1,682. Income requirements range from $32,983 to $94,930, depending on household and apartment size. (Full requirements can be found here.) Per usual with these kinds of buildings, preference for half of the apartments will be given to locals, which for these buildings means residents of Central Harlem's Community Board 10.  The apartments are described in the listing as "newly renovated," and are all run by Harlem-based developer, brokerage, and property manager Lemor Realty Corporation.

Applications are due August 3rd—if you'd like to apply, we've got tips on the process here, and you can either submit an applications through the NYC Housing Connect website or request an application by sending a postcard or self-addressed envelope to Lemor Realty Corporation, 167 West 145th Street, New York, NY, 10039.


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