Room for Improvement

What do New Yorkers fantasize about? Soundproofing, deeper tubs and more

By Mayra David | April 23, 2015 - 4:15PM

Tubs one can actually bathe in, kitchens big enough to cook in, and washers that work: Is that too much to ask? 

  • Tub therapy Well, this past winter was harsh on a girl and I was sick for what felt like all the time. Me and my sinuses really could have used a deep tub for steamy, soothing baths. But all I have is this shallow thing taking up space in the bathroom. I don’t know why they bothered putting a tub in there if it can’t be used for bathing. I guess kids can use it, but I don’t have any of those. If I did, I probably would have gotten sick even more often! —Liz, Upper East Side
  • A less awful kitchen I have about as much hate for my apartment as I do love right now. On one hand, it’s an affordable place and decently sized for Manhattan. On the other hand everything is so run down and barely in functioning condition. The kitchen sink leaks out the sides, only two of the four burners on the electric stove work properly, and the dishwasher is broken. It’s basically just a dish rack. The cabinets are atrocious, the floors are slanted.  I don’t know why landlords don’t take care of their apartments more. I get that’s it’s a rental unit, but if you take care of stuff, you’ll attract quality renters, too. —Jamie, Upper West Side
  • Washers that, you know, wash! The thing I’d change right away is being able to have a washer/dryer in my apartment. There’s laundry in the building, but the machines are horrible and don’t really get anything clean. I stayed to watch a whole cycle once because I was taking clothing out of the machines that still had dry spots! I think one of the machines just puffs a bunch of steam at the dirty laundry. Or maybe you’re supposed to just wish it all away?  I go to the laundromat across the street, which is a pain. I wish so badly that I could have my own set up! —Marv, Harlem
  • Peace and quiet please There’s so much I’d change, if I could and if I weren’t renting, but the thing I really want, I probably couldn’t change even if I owned this place: I’d love to soundproof this whole place. There’s a lot of noise coming from downstairs: loud TV, loud music, and crying babies. But it’s not just the noise, it’s also just everyday sounds that are constantly on. I know my neighbors get that from me, as well. So some sound insulation under the floor boards and in the walls would be peachy.  —Leila, Astoria
  • Pride of place for (kitchen) paraphernalia I’d love more space in the kitchen! I love to cook and bake and have a lot of paraphernalia: I have a bread maker, a dehydrator, various sized baking pans, a crockpot, a KitchenAid mixer, and pressure cooker food processor, and a Vitamix. Not  to mention various dutch ovens. Right now I have those stuffed on top of each other in various cabinets and can only take them out one at the time. I wish I had enough space to store  — and display — them properly. They deserve it. —Danny, Bushwick​


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