6 Game of Thrones-worthy condos, co-ops, and castles

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After an interminable wait, summer is coming Game of Thrones is coming back this weekend, and while this doesn't really inspire us to live like the characters, per se, it does make us think about how they'd fare in present-day New York. (What with the political turmoil, utterly stratified class system, and opulent family homes, it doesn't exactly seem like a stretch.) As such, we took the liberty of property-hunting in the city, upstate and in the Hamptons for some of the show's most beloved—and totally despised!—characters, and found, among other things, that there are way more castles on the market than you'd ever expect.

This $45 million Woodstock castle actually bears a surprisingly strong resemblance to the Stark family's former stronghold at Winterfell, and besides lots of over the top regal touches on the interiors, is surrounded by an honest-to-god moat.

We're guessing most high-end buildings wouldn't be cool with Littlefinger running a brothel like the one he has going in King's Landing. So what's the next best thing? Obviously a Financial District bachelor pad, like this $12.95 million penthouse that includes a pool table, sauna, and custom bar.

Given her penchant for far-flung seaside neighborhoods, we'd put the Khaleesi in this $33 million Sagaponack spread with 10 bedrooms, a separate guest house, an in-ground pool, gym, and plenty of surrounding airspace.

The closest thing we've got to an impassable northern wall: the Bronx. So this 1926 Fieldston stone castle, complete with "oak double doors and forged ironwork" seems like as solid a place as any for the Night's Watch to set up camp, provided they can swing the $3.55 million asking price.

Granted, we don't really know of any New York apartments that come with a "moon door" (e.g. a pit through which to push your enemies to their deaths) like the one in Game of Thrones' mountaintop castle The Eyrie. But if you were going to have one installed, what better place to do it than on an upper floor One57, one of the tallest buildings in the city? Moon Door or no, a 3-bedroom on the 62nd floor is currently available for $38.9 million.


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