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Decorate like Lauren Bacall for as little as $1,000

By Jennifer Laing  | March 10, 2015 - 1:59PM

Lauren Bacall, who died last summer at age 89, spent her last 53 years living in an enviable three-bed, three and a half-bath apartment at The Dakota. Now, the co-op is on the market for $26M (up just a little bit from the $28,000-48,000 the actress was reported to have paid for it back in 1961). And while that may be out of reach for most, you can still consider treating yourself to something from the 700-lot Lauren Bacall Collection (estimated at a total of $3 million), to be auctioned March 31 and April 1 at Bonhams New York (thanks to Curbed for the heads up!).

We took it upon ourselves to snoop through the catalog for a few things to put on our wish list:

The perfect storage for hats, gloves, scarves and more 

The late actress’s nine-room pad allowed her plenty of space to accumulate loads of lovely—and relatively affordable, compared to her apartment—things that would look great in any New Yorker’s home: A Victorian découpage decorated chest of drawers (pictured above) from the mid-19th century ($1000-1,500), for example, could make a striking—but still fucntional!—entryway cabinet: 

A folding table fits in just about any apartment, not matter how tight the space

For even more of a vintage look, this Jacobean oak gateleg table (pictured above) from the late 17th century ($1,000-1,500) is a practical solution for any space-strapped dining area.


A bear with a basket on its back can be used as a whimsical planter or vase

And who isn't in dire need of a 19th century majolica bear form jardinière planter for between $2,000 and $3,500?  from the fourth quarter of the 19th century ($2,500-3,500).

Browse the 375-page auction catalog—which also features pics of the actress and her various co-stars and celeb pals, plus images of the apartment, both inside and out—for your own old Hollywood inspiration. Just don't dare try to outbid us on that bear.


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