Small Spaces

If you want to live in this $700/month Flatbush apartment, you'll need to start dropping friends now

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | March 18, 2015 - 8:59AM 

We get it: living with roommates can take its toll. So when you're looking for someone to rent out your room —  just like the hunt for a significant other — it helps to know exactly what you want. One college student who posted an ad for his/her $700 room on Craigslist sure does, and the pitfalls of not meeting all the requirements of the sublet are made clear from the start:

"Other tenant was asked to move because she got careless and started to fail these requirements. Now after reading this, if you think deterred from this first sentiment, please x out and keep looking. If you cannot understand some of the vocabulary I just used, although not complex in any way, please keep looking. Thank you."

This is no love shack

Want a shot at this place? You'd BETTER be single. Or partnered up with someone who can put you up for overnights. The ground rules:

"Room is for one person, one person only, and by one we mean uno, singular, a sole human being. ONE. The first number after zero, 1. Apartment is small, room is sized for ONE person. If you do plan on having guests about 5 times per month will be limit, and this is true. will be counted. NO IN AND OUTS."

Note: This is now my favorite way to describe sex.

No clutter, no messes

"This apartment is in flatbush, brooklyn however we DO NOT see any roaches or rodents on the regular. We take several steps to prevent all this, use several pest control items but the first one is being CLEAN. I am a natural neat freak so you should be close to this, ALL SURFACES,bathroom and kitchen MUST be wiped down almost daily... See dirt, clean it." ("See dirt, clean it" should be on a poster. For real.)


Still interested? We suggest you take a close read of this post, get your pay stubs in order and understand that you could be asked to leave at any point (it's a month-to-month deal). Room comes fully furnished.

For tips on how to find a roommate, check out our insider's guide to the Craigslist roommate search and one writer's experience with 17 shares over 11 years.


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