This $800/month Brooklyn "studio" is perfect for a Halloween party — for one

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Let's just call it: This Crown Heights bedroom has a bit of a haunted vibe, but what do you expect for $800 a month? At the moment there are only two Brooklyn listings on StreetEasy for under $1,000, so if  that's your budget, we suggest you channel  your inner Goth.

The furnished  room — which those in more affordable cities might call a walk-in closet — comes complete with a twin size bed (bonus points if you can fit in a full!) and dark wood furniture straight out of The Addams Family.

This is one of two photos of the room -- not much more to show.

We have a couple of suggestions if you're considering making this "historical mansion" your home:  First, pack light—say a couple of pairs of pants, shirts and underwear. Secondly, don't plan on gaining any weight while you live here or you might literally pop out of your room. You'll also have to be okay with sharing a kitchen and bathroom, too; on the bright side, the walk will help you stay trim.

As for the room itself, there appears to be a sitting area (by sitting area, we mean bench), multiple windows, and high ceilings — all helpful with making the space seem airy.

We're a little concerned that the radiator by your feet could turn this little place into a sweatbox, but, hey, it's almost spring and those windows probably open! (Or: your built-in sauna!)

And if we've learned anything  from our last "Only in New York" apartment post (and the Facebook comments that followed it) it's that  in NYC real estate, one person's gem is another person's dump. So what's the verdict on this one?


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