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Apply now for $947/month affordable rentals in Bed-Stuy

By Virginia K. Smith | March 23, 2015 - 1:59PM

Applications are now open for affordable rentals in Bed-Stuy, but the odds of winning a spot will be even slimmer than usual: there are only two apartments open in the building.

The LLC that owns 296 Throop Avenue (a building a few blocks from the Myrtle-Willoughby G train) is now accepting applications for two affordable one-bedroom apartments, according to NYC housing connect. There are two one-bedrooms available for $947/month for a single renter earning between $32,469 and $36,300, or a pair of renters with a combined household income between $32,469 and $41,460. Per usual, preference for 50 percent of the units (i.e. one of these two apartments) will go to locals, in this case current residents of Bed-Stuy's Community Board 3.

The listing notes that the units are newly constructed, and while there aren't any accompanying photos, you can get a sense of the building's interiors from photos of a market-rate two-bedroom that was recently rented for $2,200 a month:

If you're interested in applying, move quickly: applications are due by April 10th.


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