When your heart's broken but your lease is not: Tips for living with an ex

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Break-ups are a fact of life. But a rather unfortunate side of a New York relationship's end is the awkward phase when you still live with your former lover. There are smart (and less smart) ways to handle this period, as DNAinfo explains

First, put together a plan for splitting up the bills, sleeping arrangements, and chores, and continue to check in with each other about how platonic cohabitation is going. Consider postponing dating until after you move out, and, in case it needs saying out loud, please don't bring your Tinder conquests home. (Also, fight the urge to hook up with the ex, a surefire way to make a messy situation messier.)

Finally, spend time outside the apartment as much as possible. May we suggest texting the friends you've likely been neglecting since you moved in with your significant other?


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