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Breaking up or shacking up? Spend less on movers this Valentine's Day

By Virginia K. Smith  | February 12, 2015 - 12:59PM

While most couples spend Valentine's Day indulging in overpriced prix fixe dinners or rewatching well-worn romantic comedies, for others, it turns into Moving Day. And as you might guess, this can either be a good sign for a relationship, or a death rattle.

Whatever the case, a Brooklyn moving company is knocking $50 off the price of its services for the holiday, and opening the phone lines round-the-clock on the 14th and 15th in case of any rash decisions. 

DUMBO Moving + Storage also has different packages geared toward the newly de-hitched or the couple taking the plunge. The "Suddenly Single" option gets you a new "little black book," a $10 gift card to Sephora, and the option of having the drivers snap a photo for your Tinder profile (if you're the rare soul who happens to look good on moving day, that is). For loved-up movers, there's a "Bless This House" package, which includes a bonsai tree for luck, a broom, a loaf of bread, and salt and sugar (all traditional housewarming gifts). 

Not convinced you'd ever need this? According to the company's CEO, Lior Rachmany, these last-minute moves are more common than you'd think (and Valentine's Day does happen to coincide with mid-month leases that start on the 15th, after all). One longtime customer arranged for DUMBO's movers to set up his mistress in a new apartment on V-Day (and then asked that the transaction be deleted from their database), and one Long Island woman with a cheating spouse called the day-of asking to have all her things cleared out before her philandering husband got home and she'd be forced to spend the whole holiday with him. "We got her out at the last minute," he notes. (Here's hoping she's since rebounded on Tinder.)

There are plenty of happy couples moving on Valentine's Day, too, but their stories are predictably less dramatic, and where's the fun in that?


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