Squeeze storage out of unused square footage with this DIY corner rack

By Leigh Kamping-Carder  | February 27, 2015 - 3:59PM

Between the painfully cold weather and the third season of “House of Cards” hitting Netflix, we wouldn’t blame you if you stay locked inside this weekend. But if you’re looking for a project to tackle on self-imposed breaks from the Underwoods’ shenanigans, this DIY organizer from Design*Sponge is a nifty candidate.

Mounted in a corner, it’s basically two wooden poles stuck into spray-painted towel holders, which create a kind of rack for hanging plants, clothes, accessories, and so on, without the need for drilling holes into the walls (key for the renters among us who don’t want to get dinged on the security deposit). 

With spray paint, wooden dowel poles and towel holders, you can create this corner organizer

That said, with only adhesive holding up the rungs, it may not support pots and pans or heavy coats, as some of the blog’s commenters note, but the height is adjustable, so you could probably put it to great use holding up cooking utensils, jewelry or children’s clothes. Head over to Design*Sponge for full step-by-step instructions.


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