According to the calendar at least, this long, brutal winter of ours is finally coming to a close--which means it's time to purge your apartment of clunky winter gear.  As firsthand witnesses to the seasonal migration of Stuff from apartment to rented mini-storage unit,  the storage experts at Manhattan Mini Storage  suggest banishing these 8 space-hogging items from your apartment until next year:

Daniel Oienes

Space heaters. Reclaim precious square footage in your bathroom, bedroom, and power strips, and stash this reminder of frigid nights (and sky-high electric bills) until next year.  


Boots, gloves, hats, puffy coats, fur coats... the list goes on. If it's the kind of clothing required for bundling, it's time to box it up and say goodbye (for now, that is). As the last of the stubborn slush piles finally melt, these shouldn't be taking up precious real estate in your apartment.


All those extra blankets. Because how many of us have an actual linen closet, anyway?

Anders Ljungberg

Skis, snowboards, and sleds. Now that the season for playing around in the powder is behind us, no need for all your winter weekend gear to be eating up extra closet space. Besides, you'll need that extra space for your bike, paddleboard, oversized beach bag... 

Erik Burton

Crockpots and slow cookers.  The season for heavy soups is over, and what with the Vitamix and the salad spinner, our counters have been getting awfully crowded.

Andy Melton

Christmas decorations. No judgments here if that box of ornaments and your fake tree have been sitting in the hallway for months.


Your chunky sweater collection. Hip, yes, but increasingly sweaty and impractical by the day. Do hang onto at least one cardigan, though, to protect against the perils of excessive office air conditioning.


Shovels. Whether it's the windshield of your car or the sidewalk in front of your building, from here on out there will be No. More. Shoveling.

When you do head to your storage unit (in a free storage taxi, if you're using Manhattan Mini Storage)  move your boxes of coats and scarves to the back—you won't be needing them for at least another six months–and shift items like beach chairs and grills front and center for easy summertime access. If you think you may be ditching the city and subletting your apartment for the spring or summer, now's also a good time to pack up any valuables you wouldn't want in reach of short-term renters and stow them safely in your unit.


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