Kitchen backsplashes that, ahem, make a splash

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | February 27, 2015 - 1:59PM

Chopping vegetables and rinsing dishes somehow seems less taxing in a beautiful kitchen, and one way to make the room pop is to add a dramatic backsplash. (You can even DIY this job or try a temporary fix.) Whether you're looking for new culinary environs or considering redoing your current setup, take a gander at these examples of backsplashes that stay front and center:

The sleek look of the kitchen in this Hell's Kitchen one-bedroom includes a fridge that camouflages into the custom lacquer cabinets, plus a Caesarstone countertop and glass tile backsplash that pulls it all together. It's for sale for just over $1 million.

On the other end of the style spectrum is an Upper West Side brownstone's country-style chef's kitchen with painted tile that extends throughout the room, but still looks tasteful. Asking price? $8.75 million.

You'd better like the glass mosaic tile in this $1.1 million one-bedroom condo in the West Village, since  it goes all the way to the ceiling. 

Wanna really impress your friends? Invite them over to check out the "Calcutta Gold" marble counters and backsplash in your three-bedroom, three-bathroom Upper East Side apartment (this one's on the market for $4.425 million). You can never have enough marble.

It doesn't get much simpler than this white tile, does it? We'd want to keep the whole place--a  $1.499 million one-bedroom condo in the East Village--spotless to match.

If you love herringbone floors, why not go for a herringbone backsplash? The chevron pattern looks luxurious in this $1.99 million three-bedroom, two-bathroom co-op on the Upper West Side.


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